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Below are our most common services but if it relates to wood floors call us - we can handle it!!

Floor Installation

We are experienced installers of both pre-finished flooring and site finished flooring: Engineered woods, Solid wood, Exotics woods, Cork, and Bamboo. We follow the proper installation procedures to ensure the flooring materials are the correct grade, moisture content, and are fastened correctly to long lasting performance. We apply color matching wood filler to fill any voids and joints.

Floor Sanding

The sanding process is critical to ensure a smooth finish result. We use new sanding equipment which produces a very smooth floor. When working in existing homes, our Dust Containment System keeps dust to a minimum. Older floor sanding technology produced a cloud of dust which could end up finding its way throughout the house. We control dust at the source which eliminates most of the dust.

Custom Staining

When it comes to stain colors we are your design consultants. We have a large variety of pre-mixed colors from the wood floor industries top floor stain manufacturers. We'll show you stain samples applied to real wood to help in your selection process. If you want something not found in the sample collection, we can custom mix stains to create new colors to get the perfect result. We pay attention to every detail.

Buff and Recoating

One of the most misunderstood steps of keeping a wood floor looking beautiful over the life of the home is the "re-coat". It is not necessary or recommended to wait until your floor finish is worn through to the wood. This may not happen for 15-20 years but when the floor begins to show signs of wear you should apply a new Top Coat of floor finish. One coat will add protection and will restore the original luster, depth and beauty. A top coat process is even used as part of normal maintenance by many homeowners and is done every 5 years.


After spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to get that beautiful floor, it follows that you will want to keep it looking beautiful for many years to come. The most common mistake people make is not maintaining the floor properly... Cleaning on a regular schedule and using the right cleaner is critical. We have all of the tools and information you will need to do it right.