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Below are questions our customers are often interested in.

Can I put a new coat of water-based finish over a floor which has oil-based finish already on it?

Definitely. It is a quick process which usually requires little or no sanding so there is no dust or mess. This project usually takes less than 1 day so you are back on the floor within 24 hours. Our company has a lot of experience doing this kind of work and we will be happy to give you an estimate.s

How long will my floor last?

The answer to this frequent question varies widely. The quality of the finish products applied, the daily wear factors on the floor and the maintenance routine all play important roles. The best way to extend the life of your floor and keep the investment lowest over the floor's lifetime is to use the correct cleaning products and to apply a "maintenance coat" when needed. This requires NO MAJOR SANDING OR DUST. Our company can help you determine when it is time to apply a maintenance coat and then we can do the work when you are ready. We offer a service called "AllAboutThisHouse" which keeps detailed records about your floor and then reminds you when it is time for a check-up.

How should I clean my wood floor?

Use the products recommended by the manufacturer of the finish which was applied. If no product is specifically recommended we recommend one of the professional grade products which can be purchased at